Well it’s thanksgiving. Today marks a holiday and tradition born from this nation’s history of taking what does not belong to it rightfully.

Over the years the holiday has morphed into a time for family and friends. So, in that spirit I’d like to share a few things I am thankful for…

-I am thankful I am BLACK.

-I am thankful I am a Woman.

-I am thankful I live in a nation where free speech is strived for and mostly respected.

-I am thankful to work with the youth of this nation.

-I am thankful for my family, health, and friends.

-I am thankful for the men and women in this nation who are not afraid to stand up for what is right and good.

-I amthankful for knowledge and the ability to pursue and spread it at all costs.

I hate the cultural incident that led to the honoring of this day. I hate that my fellow man is still fighting for rights to land that no white man or government has the right to…

As you eat your turkey and continue to cultivate family traditions on this day, please remember that there is a lot to be thankful for…

But also remember that there are millions of Americans fighting daily to protect and obtain many of the things you may take for granted.

Take the time today and mediate on your fellow man, and the importance of true freedom.