An Act of War

Yesterday my country told me that as a Black Woman I have no value. My country showed me that 8 years of growth and progress was for naught. My country showed me that an ideology rooted in hatred and separatism is more important than facts and basic human decency.

The revolution has never been televised, and never will be. The revolution is in our hearts and minds. Yesterday shots were fired. I see this vote as an act of war against the millions of faceless men and women disenfranchised by a country that does not view them as human.

Yesterday I was reminded that I don’t matter. I was reminded that white privilege will always be preserved. And now the world is laughing, but that privilege blinds so many.

Today I feel at a lost…

What else can be said? What else must be done?

Today I woke up afraid…

I worry for my students, my friends, and my family.

Today I woke up ready to fight…

I will never be silent. I will never back down.

Today I am born anew… 

To my country I say, I see you.

And with this sight I have the advantage, because you will NEVER see me coming.