Colored Patriotism

Summer is coming to an end, and with it a myriad of foolishness that I am ready to be done with. It seems like the theme for the the Summer was patriotism as it pertains to people of color. From the Olympics to our athletes of color at home, our loyalty to this country has been heavily scrutinized, and viciously attacked, and called into question.

I am literally shaking my head…brace yourselves…

Question all you like, why the hell is it unreasonable to believe that people of color may not feel patriotic? Why is it so horrifying? Why you mad bro?

Historically, we have not been made to feel like we belong in this country. Our basic human rights have consistently been infringed upon in this country. We are vilified in this country. We are disenfranchised in this country. We are poor, hungry, jobless, and homeless in this country. And when we speak up and out against the injustices against us, we are attacked, ignored, and made a media circus of in this country.

Why should we feel patriotic? Why should we pledge allegiance to a flag and a country that does not stand in solidarity with us? Does anyone else notice the irony in this situation? I hope so, because I do not have the patience to enlighten you at the moment. Mostly because I am soul tired.

We live in a country where there is justice for some, and not all. And to be honest, when the founding fathers built the tenants this nation stands upon, they were not thinking about people who look like Gabby Douglas and Colin Kaepernick.

I do not care if Gabby Douglas didn’t sing the national anthem at the Olympics. That is her prerogative. Yes, she was sent there to represent this country, and she performed well. She entertained the masses, as did Simone Biles. They made America proud and brought home a ton of medals, solidifying our nation’s glory and bragging rights on a global scale. But as soon as their actions did not align with the false ideologies this nation is built upon, there was an issue.

It’s okay for Colin Kaeprnick to bend and break his body season after season, in a sport that hasn’t always welcomed athletes of color. It’s okay for him to run across the field for the amusement of the privileged masses, as long as he doesn’t use it as a platform to speak out against social injustice.

I guess they should all feel lucky to have the jobs they have. I guess they should just feel blessed to use their bodies to make white folks rich, and keep quiet.

Wait…what does that sound like??? Hmmmmm…..

Sometimes I feel American, and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don’t. My patriotism is not colored rose. It is colored real, and it is heavily influenced by my blackness…and it is what it is…