Spiritual Divide

I have a problem with the terms “Black Church” and “White Church”.

I was reading this article about Tim Kaine, and while I was reading I became annoyed. As far as the election goes, Tim Kaine isn’t very relevant to me. So I had to pause and figure out why his regularly attending a “Black Church” was bothering me. Turns out it wasn’t Tim at all.

Isn’t church just church?

I realized it is the term mentioned above that irks my soul. Descriptives centered around race in relation to social and religious institutions annoy me because they remind me of Jim Crow, Segregation, and the continued divide in this country.

I just want people to go to church if they go to church. I remember when I used to attend church regularly, and the pride I took in being able to say that I went to a racially diverse church, as if I was somehow closer to God because people of all backgrounds worshipped together in harmony. Now this is a beautiful thing, but that pride I felt was misplaced.

This brings me back to my argument about progressive condecison. What the hell was I proud of? I was, in a way, gloating about the fact that my church was so progressive, because Christians were worshipping together regardless of race of economic status, which is one of the many tenants of the faith right?

Even then, in my slightly woke/socially conscious state, I realized that my experience was not the norm for Christians of varying denominations across the country.

Faith, whether we like to admit it or not, has never truly been separate from state. Like Malcolm said, every weekend our mosques, synagogues, temples, meeting houses, and churches all reflect our national divide on the spiritual level.

Many of us derive our notions about love from our faith. How can we be expected to truly love one another when love itself can be used to divide?