Been Ready

Sista. Brotha.

Why are you afraid?
Fear continues to imprison us.
Fear rips us apart.
Fear is our sandman.

Stay Woke.
Face Fear.
Get Justice.

Months ago Shamira said that something was about to go down, and when it did she wanted to be Ready.

Two days ago she wrote a poignant piece about this pivotal moment in the movement, and stated that she is Almost Ready.

Unlike Shamira, I BEEN READY!!!!

And I need her and everybody else to get here as well.

I agree that everyone has an opinion they are entitled to.

I understand that we grieve, learn, live, and fight in different ways.

I understand that our pain and uncertainty manifests itself in many ways, and while there is a much needed space for song, art, and prayer, it just ain’t enough.

This is my opinion.

Artistic expression and prayer is needed to encourage, inform, and inspire a call to action.

Make no mistake, THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION.

I write, I sing, I paint, I pray, and I plan to march, boycott, organize and fight.

Parlae and other media outlets like it are just one piece of the puzzle, but at the end of the day we ALL need to organize, march, boycott, and fight.

I am very afraid. I become more and more afraid each day. I am very afraid to attend my first protest, and I am just as afraid to get in my car and drive to work each day.

We cannot live in fear. Fear keeps us in the house. Fear keeps us divided. Fear can be manipulated by the enemy.

The time to get ready has passed. If you ain’t ready now, I fear you may never be…

If publicized execution, appropriation, and slavery in the form of mass incarceration are not enough to make you ready, then I really don’t know what to say. I am not judging, I am honestly at a loss for words or ways to relate to your path.

What are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for it to be your loved one violated in the streets?


We must face our fears and publicly speak out and and get into formation.


For more information on how you can get involved in the Philadelphia Area contact Philly Coalition for Real Justice.