#Alton Sterling…

I am having a difficult time focusing at work today. I keep replaying the video of Alton Sterling’s murder in my mind. I cried after viewing the video that has rocked social media. I did not know Mr. Sterling, but I know of him. He is my uncle, my cousin, my nephew, my father. He is me.

My heart goes out to his family and friends. I cannot imagine what it feels like to lose someone in such a cold and public way. My thoughts and prayers are with Baton Rouge, I hope this is resolved swiftly and fairly.

Wishful thinking…I know

I almost want to avoid social media for the next few weeks, because I do not have the patience for ignorant people who will gloss over this issue, demonize Mr. Sterling, and attack people of color in the wake of this assault. I do not have the patience for one more person to tell me I have control over my body, my space, my life. I do not have the patience for the media’s sensationalism of police brutality and the lack of value placed on Black Lives.

But, I will not avoid this onslaught. I will continue to engage in the discussion, and demonstrate my solidarity.