Can’t Afford It…

Monetarily, I am not poor, but I am definitely not rich. Spiritually, I am very wealthy, and in my opinion that is all that matters. However, my opinion means nothing when it comes to standing up and fighting the establishment.

I recently saw the controversial Gap commercial posted here

This commercial has many people in an uproar, and understandably so. I myself viewed this clip, and was outraged. Gap clearly placed a child of color in the ad as a way to appease diversity. The child has no lines, and it is very awkward. You have to watch to see what I mean.

Many people have suggested boycotting Gap, and this will be very easy for me, because I do not shop there. However, I am in a love affair with Old Navy, and truly boycotting the Gap company would mean a break with one of my favorite stores.

You may think, this should be easy, but it is not. Old Navy is very affordable for me and my budget.

A friend of mine recently decided to boycott Amazon because of the labor conditions in their warehouses. After doing my own research, I agree that working in an Amazon warehouse is pretty shitty. I would love very much to join my friend in this protest, but there is a very glaring difference between the two of us…

My friend can afford to shop elsewhere, and I cannot.

I very much want to live an equitable life.

Modern day slavery is very real, with labor conditions around the world being in such a deplorable state. Mega chains like Walmart for example are able to provide low prices for the masses because they outsource labor. They receive goods from factories across the globe. Workers in these factories make almost nothing, and are sometimes tricked into poor working conditions. It isn’t fair, and it isn’t right.

But I shop at Walmart. I can afford it. What am I supposed to do?

I am very frustrated. It is easier for the privileged class to get on their high horses and protest the establishment if they so choose. It is more difficult for those of us who may live paycheck to paycheck. It is more difficult for those of us who run single parent homes, or only make minimum wage. This capitalistic society is so very well organized, and it oppresses in creative ways each day. Everytime I buy products at an affordable price I play part in this vicious cycle. Every purchase reaffirms the system, and I am stuck in a state of hypocrisy.

Sure, I can boycott, and I want to. But, like many others, I also want to be able to live.

This is one more example of a system that is stacked against those who have less. Sometimes it depresses me. I can’t always afford to boycott in some cases. I can’t always afford to take off of work and join my fellow seekers of truth on protests and marches. And there are many others out there like me who are in the same position.

So what the hell am I doing? My words and my heart are all about equity and equality, but my lifestyle habits haven’t caught up. I am damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. It is surreal to think about. I am “woke” and this reality continues to confuse, anger, and entrap me.