Tired. Hopeful. Elated.

I’m tired y’all
I’m tired of the news

And tired of the blues
Tired of music giving kids cues

Of how to live like a trap king, if they so choose
I’m tired of fighting racism, sexism, classism

And tired of explaining what feminism is to people who think they know everything.
Especially because, who am I, really …
I’m tired of giving people the benefit of the doubt

And later finding myself disappointed with bad tastes in my mouth
I’m sick and tired of having the privilege to think about privilege

And I’m too tired to figure out if this country could be led by a moderate socialist
I’m tired too to continue with the constant state of competition

With women, with men, with blacks with whites; with people I don’t know
Even the Jones’ are sick of the repetition

And, I’m even too tired to have enough energy to be tired.
Too tired to be tired?


Hanging on to the idea that what’s inherently right will always win

Optimistic about the state of systemic oppression that is being fought against

Passionate about social mobility and equity for all

Envious of those who don’t outwardly appear to struggle with all that we could (and do) complain about; but, looking to them for strength

Finding glory in the little things like conversation and laughter – then truly believing in the power of the people and embracing humanity as a whole

Ultimately looking to the higher power for O ye, of little faith

Laughing wholeheartedly at small joys in order to make it through


Happiness, a choice

Because the sun still shines daily

Moon, in the sky too


By: Shamira