Lost at Sea

Why do people keep saying, go back to Africa?

When, THEY shouldn’t have taken us from Africa in the first place.

I’m mad because though we look like Africans —- we don’t really LOOK like Africans.

And though there are some cultural pieces that guide our living, we don’t live and lead the same lives here like we did back home.

Raped and robbed of resources – and now they want to send us back.

Bruised, battered, and looking different than how they found us.

Go back. Go back. They say.

And, boy do I wish we could go back.



I’m longing for something in which I’ve never truly known.


I’m claiming an entire continent of which I’ve personally never stepped foot on.

Mama don’t know Africa.

Daddy, granddaddy, great granddaddy and even his daddy, don’t know Africa.

But, I feel it. We all do.

The loss.

Africa don’t recognize us.

The longing.

America don’t want us.

The confusion.

Where do I belong?



When we crossed that sea, we got lost at sea.




by Shamira